The memoir of Geoff Brown, co-founder of Asylum Ghost Tours. SIGNED


Geoff Brown led a life of addiction and slow decay.

Drugs, crime and ennui pervaded every part of his day-to-day alienation.

He dragged his way out of the pit without resorting to God or alcohol or any of the other crutches people commonly use.

Here is his story. Pray your children don't make the same mistakes.


~This is the 2019 expanded edition of the 2012 bestselling memoir Hammered, telling the true story of the author's twenty years plus of drug dependency and the resultant lifestyle as experienced in Australia.This new edition contains more than 20,000 extra words and gives a better insight into the emotional impact of the journey and more detail on the recovery.~


"Fascinating, and very easy reading."

~Joe Lansdale, author of the Hap & Leonard series


"This is a hard journey well shared and a book that risks real sadness to tell its human truth."

~Kris Saknussemm, cult novelist and multimedia artist


"This book is to Australia what Trainspotting is to Scotland."

~R.B. Clague, author

Hammered: Memoir of an Addict (SIGNED)