What cards are considered for concession pricing?

We accept Healthcare cards, student cards, seniors cards, pension cards, and ADF cards for concessions.


Can I bring my dog/cat/llama/therapy croc?
No, unless it is a certified seeing-eye croc or another animal that is required we give access by law.

We are animal lovers, but the owners of some of the buildings require we remain as pet-free as possible.

Where are you?
We are located in Beechworth, Victoria, approximately 30km (20 mins) east of the Hume Hwy.
Our exit is just north of the two Wangaratta exits. Just follow the Beechworth signs, and when you hit town turn south-east into Camp Street at the only roundabout (if you drive past the Beechworth Bakery a few shops up on the right, immediately after you turn from the roundabout, you've gone the right way). If you keep driving straight, without taking any turns, you’ll find us at the top of the hill. Once in the asylum grounds, turn left and follow our signs along the curved road around to the Store/Bijou Theatre.

Are you associated with any other tour companies?
No, we are in no way, nor ever have been, affiliated or associated with any other ghost tour company or paranormal group.

Are you faking it?
No. The asylum is creepy enough without us having to stage anything. There are no jump scares nor set-up events.

Are there supernatural occurrences every tour?
Sometimes things happen that most or all people notice. Sometimes a few people see, hear or feel things that freak them out. We do not guarantee paranormal activity, but if it’s going to happen anywhere, it’s in our asylum.

Can we use cameras?
Yes, you can (no tripods on normal tours, and no professional photography. We have special Photography Tours for that). We do request that you don’t flash into the eyes of tour guides or other patrons. It’s hard not to trip over something when you can’t see a thing.
No video cameras allowed during any tour unless you are specifically told you can film things (mostly during investigation tours).
No professional photography allowed except on specific Photography Tours. Contact the operators to arrange these tours.

Are the tours disabled-friendly?
There are three flights of stairs during the tour.
We do offer a shorter tour at a lower cost that is disabled-friendly, so please contact us for more information. This tour can be incorporated into the normal tour at standard times for groups that include both abled and differently-abled people, and can also be run separately with a minimum of two paying customers.

Is there a cafe, gift-shop, and toilets?
Yes, there are toilets available at the beginning and end of all tours. There is also an office/shop selling drinks and souvenirs/merchandise/asylum-history books.
At this point we have no plans to sell adult nappies, but we will re-assess this once we see how many people ask for them.